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Actually selling an actual product within an actual market is a vital performance for a firm in the trading area of the world. Keeping up a high performance at the global market forces a firm dealing in foreign trade to act more cautiously due to cruel rivalry.

It is a fact that each firm has a tendency to make a foreign trade because the local market gets more narrowed from day to day and the products at stock have to be sold immediately due to cost of waitting..

From this point of view, Mober Trading Co. makes an effort to produce a solution for your trading at global markets. As a foreign trade company we are ready to meet your expectations and to realize them at the best way.


To become a secure and reliable foreing trade company in making trade at global market.
To follow the best method in fulfilling customer's demands and expectations.


We focus on repling to demans and acting rapidly with well-informed and efficient team.
As a foreing trade company we are best interested in transporting our customers' products with an high effort to the buyers at the right time and at the right place.

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